Sunday, July 17, 2011


Had read somewhere that 50% of MBA pass outs will change their jobs within first 2 years.

Well, it has been 3 years now, and for now I seem to be firmly entrenched within Cognizant.

So there have been good bosses, friendly colleagues, decent money and some travel opportunities which have made these 3 years more than pleasant.
What also made this journey interesting is:

1. The colleague who uses jargon in every sentence

2. The guy who said women should not play sports and then was found cheering the women's basketball matches

3. The guy with the heavy bong accent

4. The folks from Chennai who were out of their wits understanding the bong accent

5. The female colleague I kept referring to as "him" in a call

6. The cleaning lady who almost abused me for soiling her just wiped, spick and span

7. The cafeteria lady who always smiled when giving me a larger serving.

8. The guy who said to his recently promoted boss "NOW you will get respect when you come to speak"

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